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TOP NOTE: Bay Leafe, Orange, Lemon 

MEDIUM NOTE: Lily, Jasmine, Violet, Green Tea, Rose 

BASE NOTE: Sandalwood, Vanilla

Uncover the Luxurious Serenity of Treasure Essential Oil Blend

Treasure Essential Oil Blend offers a luxurious escape into serenity, blending floral and citrus scents that uplift and calm the mind. This exquisite blend is designed for those seeking to create a relaxing atmosphere while fostering feelings of joy and harmony.

Why Choose Treasure Essential Oil Blend?

  • Uplifting Floral and Citrus Scents: The delicate harmony of floral and citrus notes in Treasure helps elevate your mood and soothe your senses, making it perfect for a refreshing mental lift.

  • Warmth from Sandalwood and Vanilla: With its rich undertones of sandalwood and a hint of vanilla, Treasure adds a comforting warmth to any space, enhancing the blend's ability to create a serene environment.

  • Promotes Joy and Relaxation: This blend is not just pleasing to the senses; it’s also effective in promoting deep relaxation and a joyful state of mind, helping to alleviate stress and bring about peace.

Benefits for Well-being and Ambiance:

Treasure Essential Oil Blend is ideal for transforming any room into a peaceful haven. Its soothing properties are excellent for meditation, relaxation, or simply enjoying a quiet evening at home.

Usage Tips:

Diffuse Treasure Essential Oil Blend in your home or office to harness its calming and uplifting effects. It’s also perfect for adding to personal care products like body lotions or bath salts, creating a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own space.

Experience the Essence of Comfort and Harmony with Treasure Essential Oil Blend – Your gateway to a tranquil, joyous atmosphere.

- Promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels
- Helps improve sleep quality and duration
- Provides a natural mood boost and enhances focus and concentration
- Creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in any space