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YACHT - Covers up to 5000 sq ft.


Discover the Ultimate Aromatherapy Experience with the Yacht Home Diffuser

Elevate your home with the Yacht Home Diffuser by Scent Sail, a marvel in modern diffuser technology designed for extensive residential use. With its minimalist design, combining a durable metal body, aluminum sprayer head, and an elegant acrylic face, the Yacht not only looks sophisticated but is built to last.

Why Choose the Yacht Home Diffuser?

  • Advanced Diffusion Technology: Experience the pinnacle of fragrance technology with the Yacht's waterless, dry cold air diffusion and a quiet fan, which ensures your essential oils are perfectly preserved and effectively dispersed over an impressive area of up to 5000 sq ft.

  • Seamless Control and Customization: Tailor your scenting experience with ease using the Yacht's 20 pre-programmed settings. Further personalize your settings manually or via our intuitive app, equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Flexible Placement Options: Designed for versatility, the Yacht can be mounted on a wall or placed on any flat surface. Integrate it with your HVAC system for even, consistent scent distribution throughout your entire home.

  • Effortless Setup: Ready to use straight from the box, the Yacht provides a user-friendly experience that makes sophisticated scenting simple. Just choose your settings and let the Yacht transform your living space.

  • Exceptional Quality: As with all Scent Sail products, the Yacht Home Diffuser is crafted to not only meet but exceed expectations with its superior build and performance, ensuring a delightful and enduring scent experience.

Transform Your Home into a Luxurious Retreat

Try the Yacht Home Diffuser today and step into a world where scent and technology meet luxury. Perfect for anyone seeking to create a welcoming, aromatic environment that reflects their style and enhances their well-being.