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Frequently Asked Questions - Cold Air Diffusers

The duration of oil consumption depends on various factors such as the machine’s model, the intensity level chosen, and the length of usage throughout the day. For instance, if you use the oil at a high-intensity level for an extended period, it will be used up faster than when you use it at a lower intensity for a shorter time.

For every 60 seconds, the spray on SF2000 consumes about 0.0011oz (0.033ml), and SF5000 consumes about 0.0018oz (0.053ml).

Choosing the intensity depends on various factors such as your personal preference, the location of the machine, whether it’s connected to the H/VAC system or not, and the intensity of the oil bland chosen.

Connecting to the H/VAC system the flow of fragrance is very gentle and steady throughout the house, so you might want to choose a higher-intensity program, compared to placing the machine in a central location in the house where you might choose to lower the fragrance intensity.

Also, keep in mind that each reference has its own scent intensity level some are stronger than others.

You may choose the number of seconds the pump will be “ON”, and the number of seconds the pump will “PAUSE”. Furthermore, you may choose the hours of the day the diffuser will work.

There are 20 pre-programed settings to choose from, as well as, custom on-off setting on our app.

The machine is relatively quiet, producing only 32 decibels (dB) of sound pressure level (SPL). Additionally, it comes equipped with a mute sprayer to block as much noise as possible.

To give you an idea, 32dB is comparable to the sound level of a very quiet room, with very little background noise. It is significantly lower than the sound level produced by many household appliances and activities, and it may be barely noticeable in a typical environment.

Yes, the oils used in the diffuser are pure and natural, with no water added. Our technology maintains the integrity of the oil, making it safe for your household, your pets, and the environment.

You should always take precautions to avoid spillage, keep the oil out of reach of children and pets, and avoid placing them near heat sources or open flames.

We're here to help you enjoy the perfect fragrance experience with Scent Sail. If you find the scent is not as strong as you'd like, consider the following tips:

  1. Operating Time/Clock Settings: First, ensure your machine's operating time and clock settings are accurate. Scentsail Diffuser operates on a 24-hour clock rather than AM/PM.
  2. Oil Fragrance Intensity: Some fragrances are milder than others. If you're looking for a stronger scent, try using a more robust oil option.
  3. Intensity Settings: Check your machine's intensity settings. If they are too low, you may not be getting enough fragrance. Adjust the settings as needed.
  4. Machine Functionality: To rule out any issues with the machine itself, please send us a short video of your machine running without being connected to HVAC. This will assist our troubleshooting process.
  5. Location Matters: Ensure your machine isn't placed near an open window, as this can cause the fragrance to dissipate quickly.
  6. Square Footage: Ensure the diffuser you purchased is suitable for the size of your space. Our Cruiser model covers spaces up to 2000 square feet, while our Yacht model handles up to 5000 square feet. Remember, these estimates are based on standard ceiling heights.
  7. Proper Installation: Make sure your machine is correctly installed, especially if it's connected to the air duct.
  8. Regular Maintenance: Cleaning your machine once a month and between changing oils is essential for optimal performance.
  9. Adjusting to Fragrance: Keep in mind that sometimes, your nose can become accustomed to a fragrance over time. To prevent olfactory fatigue, consider changing your fragrance periodically, approximately every 2-3 months, to continue enjoying the full impact of Scentsail's delightful aromas.

Properly maintaining your Scentsail diffuser is essential for its longevity and optimal performance. Here's how to clean it:

Frequency: Clean your diffuser regularly, ideally once a month, and between switching fragrances.

Cleaning Process:

  1. Empty the Canister: Start by emptying the canister of any existing oil.
  2. Use 70% Rubbing Alcohol: Fill the canister with 2 ounces of 70% rubbing alcohol. Gently shake it to mix.
  3. Place in the Diffuser: Put the canister back into the diffuser.
  4. Run with Alcohol: Allow the diffuser to run with the alcohol for a minimum of 30 minutes to thoroughly clean the internal components.
  5. If Connected to HVAC System: If your diffuser is connected to the HVAC system, while cleaning, disconnect the tube to prevent alcohol particles from spreading in your home.
  6. Empty the Canister: After the cleaning cycle, empty the canister of any remaining alcohol.
  7. Allow to Dry: Let the canister dry completely.
  8. Refill with Fresh Oil: Once dry, refill the canister with fresh oil of your choice.

To ensure a seamless installation of your Scent Sail Diffuser into your HVAC system, follow these important steps:

  1. Use Original Equipment: Utilize the original tube and hardware that came with your diffuser for installation.
  2. Prepare the Canister: Before installation, make sure to change the spout on your canister to the click & release spout in order to connect the Tube.
  3. Connecting the Tube: To connect your machine to the HVAC system, first, locate the area where the air flows out of the HVAC unit and back into your home. You may need to drill a small hole in this location to accommodate the tube connection. Be cautious and follow safety guidelines when drilling.
  4. Tube Length: If the original tube is too short, use the same Polyethylene Tubing with the same diameter (Yacht 3/8 and Cruiser 1/4). For best result, ensure the tube's length does not exceeding 4 feet, and is not twisted or bent.
  5. Positioning Matters: Ensure the connection point with the duct is upward and pushed inward towards the center for optimal airflow, allowing the mist to bland with the cold air and circulate effectively.
  6. Leak Check: Inspect the duct for leaks; even minor ones can affect the potency of the oil.
  7. Duct Maintenance: Keep your duct clean to ensure even distribution of the fragrance throughout your space.

Disclaimer: Scent Sail is not responsible for HVAC system maintenance or installation. Connecting the diffuser to your duct is a suggestion only. It is the homeowner responsibility to hire a professional for proper installation.

Frequently Asked Questions - Reed Diffusers

The length of time a reed diffuser lasts depends on the number of reeds. Generally, Scent Sail reed diffusers can last for up to several months.